The Laško Rizling is a neglected soldier in almost every wine cellar, as it
always used to complement other wines. They oppress his character and structure, but as a soldier he is always a fighter for others. They add him other wines because they know he won’t disappoint. Many wines helps to achieve their perfection. And we want to show everything its performance, with a pleasant taste, delicate aroma and a specific note in the mouth. Often you just pour yourself one glass, yes check out what you taste, really.

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Welschriesling is a neglected soldier in almost every wine cellar, as it is always used to complement other wines. They supress its character and its structure, but as a soldier it is always a fighter for others. The cellar adds it to other wines because he knows it won't disappoint him. It helps many wines to reach their perfection. We want it to show itself in all its capacity, with its pleasant taste, its significant smell and the specific note in the mouth. Often you just pour yourself another glass just to double-check that what you taste

is real. 12°C is the right temperature to enjoy it. Risotto and pasta taste better with a glass of Welschriesling.

Appellation: Primorska ZGP, Controlled Geographic Origin

Vineyards: location: 45°51'03.7"N 13°50'51.6"E altitude 300m, the soil, flysch (marl and sandstone), vine cultivation is single guyot, the density of the vines/ha is 5000 to 5500, 0.9kg of grapes per vine.

Process in the wine cellar: The temperature of the grapes is already controlled in the vineyard and not allowed to be higher than 20°C. Great care is taken to prevent the oxidation of grapes. (Dry ice and nitrogen are used for protection). The grapes were cooled to 4°C and macerated for 35 hours. Fermentation in stainless steel casks with a controlled temperature of 18-23°C. Maturing 60% in acacia wood barrel and 40% in stainless steel casks. Bottling in April 2020. Self-fining - no filtration.

Statistics: alcohol 12.95% reducing sugar 1.2 g/l, acid 5.04 g/l, Sulfites 27 mg/l, produced 1600 bottles.

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