Ivan Blanc is best known for his honey taste, consisting of Malvasia, Rebula and Laški rizlig. I think all the three varieties work very well together both in aroma and taste. Maturation in wooden barrels and then in bottles adds to it especially note. I love the structure and freshness of the wine and I think we have here really succeeded. Cheers, friends! We love sharing it with you,

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Ivan Blanc is the wine most remembered for its taste of honey. It consists of malvasia, rebolla and Welschriesling, all in equal parts. All three wines combined, I think, get along very well in aroma and as well as in taste. Maturing in wood and then in a glass bottle adds it a special note. I love the structure and the freshness in the wine and here, I think, we succeeded. Cheers, my friends. We love to share it with you, enjoy it.

Appellation: Primorska ZGP, Controlled Geographic Origin

Vineyards: Vineyards have already been described for Ribolla, Malvasia and Welschriesling

Process in the wine cellar: The temperature of the grapes is already controlled in the vineyard and not allowed to be higher than 20°C. Great care is taken to prevent the oxidation of grapes. (Dry ice and nitrogen are used for protection.) The grapes were cooled to 4°C and macerated for 48 hours. Fermentation in stainless steel casks with a controlled temperature of 18-23 ° C. Maturing 60% in acacia wood barrel and 40% in stainless steel casks. Bottling in April 2020. Self-fining - no filtration.

Description: The wine has a delicate fruity aroma. It has a very strong background and leaves you with a very good taste in your mouth for a long time.

Statistics: alcohol 12.88% reducing sugar 2.1 g/l, acid 5.42 g/l, Sulfites 24 mg/l, produced 1800 bottles.